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These kinds of games were hugely popular ten or so years ago, and some of them are still pretty populated today.

IMVU, which stands for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe, is one of the earliest and most popular out of this genre.

Some Avatar forums feature adults who write they can't wait to beat eight year olds in this fighting game with some RPG elements.

However, since there is no chat in the game, adults on the site cannot communicate with kids.

Some social MMOs have level systems, or means of obtaining valuable furniture/clothes via mini-games or competitions.

This game was classified by the community with the following category scores - Violence=2/3, Sex=0/3, Mature Content=0/3. Fight to become champion of the Avatar Fighter tournament! Use your own avatar as a custom fighter with a customizable move set!

Only if you were playing "yourself" Garriott felt, could you be judged based on your character's actions.

Because of its ethically-nuanced, story-driven approach, he took the Hindu word associated with a deity's manifestation on earth in physical form, and applied it to a player manifesting in the game world.

The earliest use of the word avatar in a computer game was the 1979 PLATO role-playing game Avatar.

The use of the term avatar for the on-screen representation of the user was coined in 1985 by Richard Garriott for the computer game Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar.