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Around the same time, Boda was building more towers along the stretch of highway. Ashwood Grove is directly across Highway 41 from the billboards. " billboard has nothing to do with the sex shops, and Harold Scott, president of Kaiser Christian Fund, said the organization hadn't actually contracted for the space but was only lending use of its name. It's hard taking a solid religious stand when you believe in the freedom of speech.

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I'm sure he's the reason a few of the other clowns also stayed put.......

Toronto Maple Leafs Mats Sundin and Wade Belak argue with the referee after a fight in the second period in National Hockey League pre-season action against the Buffalo Sabres in Toronto, Tuesday September 27, 2005.

• We’re counting a franchise’s entire history, meaning the Avalanche also get the Nordiques, the Hurricanes get the Whalers, etc.

In a move rife with symbolism, the Leafs also unveiled their reinvented sweater moments after the Matthews pick.

And it capped off weeks of debate and discussion between fans over which players would make the cut and which would end up being exposed. So today, let’s stay in the expansion spirit by coming up with 30 more protected lists. We’re looking for each team’s all-time protected list, based on every player who’s ever suited up for the team.

Why yes, I did have some time on my hands over the weekend, thanks for asking.