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The issue is the chart doesn't update when the source data is changed.It is the first time it happens to me and I checked everywhere online and I don't see any reported issues that is similar to what I have or that provide a more satisfying solution than vba code. It is correctly linked to the source (no values hard coded).If so this code will update the first Excel link in the Excel file underneath the chart (this part can be tweaked to handle multiple links) Sub Change Chart Data() Dim ppt Chart As Chart Dim ppt Chart Data As Chart Data Dim ppt Workbook As Object Dim sld As Slide Dim shp As Shape For Each sld In Active Presentation. A colleague and I have an issue with the refreshing of charts in excel.Here’s what you need to consider before deciding to link a table or graph from Excel to Power Point: If you still want to link the cells from Excel to the slide in Power Point, scroll down to see how to do it.

Now, that upper left hand corner is always "visible" to the linking mechanism during update links since a chart sheet is 100% "visible".

I suggest you consider the default paste method (using Ctrl V) for copying cells from Excel to Power Point.

You don’t have to retype the data and you get a Power Point table that can be formatted and edited at the last minute if needed.

You don’t want to have to retype a table of numbers or recreate a graph in Power Point.

Not only is that time you don’t have, but it could lead to errors, which would be embarrassing.