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When nobody else would assist him, Nick stepped up, and volunteered to escort him into the Briarwood forest.His decency inspired the other four teens to join up and aid the old man.From a supermodel to a superhero: Seal's new girlfriend is "Power Rangers" star Erin Cahill. "We're told Erin and Seal met two days ago at a charity function," TMZ reported.The "Kiss From a Rose" singer, who separated from his wife Heidi Klum last year, has apparently moved on with the 33-year-old actress as the two were spotted looking very familiar on a lunch date in L. The two also attended a gala on Tuesday, sparking rumors the relationship is "morphin'" into something serious.

Marley is shedding her good girl persona and opting for sky-high heels and what looks like a little Gucci dress as Posh Spice.Characters in the story Power Rangers Legends Now to warn you authors yes I've used some made up teams some mine some yours so if I screwed anything up email me so I can change it in the future and I've decided to rate this story T for a heck of a lot of violence Main Team (Animal Fury)Lucian (Luke) Everest age 18-Red Cougar Ranger- Luke is a strong leader and can be a bit of a pain when it comes to leading a team likes to eat pizza after a job well done Also is dating Sam he fears spiders Samantha (Sam) Hart age 18-Pink Eagle Ranger- Sam is more of a tom boy when it comes to attracting the man she likes she is a jealous type hates to see any of her boyfriends with another girl even if its their best friend She is dating Luke She fears failure Elizabeth (Lizzie) Park age 17-Yellow Bear Ranger-Lizzie is very slow when it comes to tech stuff but when it comes to fighting she is a freaking genius She loves to hang with her best Friend and Cuz Adam Park She is single she fears being alone Alexander (Alex) Desantos age 19-Black Lion Ranger- A boy genius armed with the IQ of 912 he is the computer geek of the team His goal in his Ranger life is to fix or make morphers with Alpha (yes I brought Alpha back and before you ask yes I Revived Zordon) He is a 10th degree Black belt He is Susan's Older Brother fears failure as well Susan (Susie) Desantos age 17-Blue Bison Ranger-She is not as smart as Alex but she's is a stickler for the rules She has a huge crush on Steven Johnston from Elemental Magic but she is dating John.She is also a 10th degree Black belt fears rejection Jonathan (John) Rivers age 16-Green Dragon Ranger- He thinks he is a comedian but no one like his jokes except Susan of course He loves to party and is a little cocky but isn't a huge fan of Luke being the leader Fears being dumped since he had 50 girl friends and they all dumped him Elemental Magic doesn't have a huge role in the story but Steven and Zordon are going to mentor this new team Steven (Steve) Johnston age 21- Black Shadow Ranger/White Light Ranger/Yin Yang Ranger/Black Masadon Ranger/Black Turbo Ranger/White Hawk Ranger- Steven has a better personality this time he has a girlfriend in a teen titan, Raven He has a tendency to test the morphers Alex fixes sometimes he even helps Alex make them he even made a new turbo morpher.Doesn't become the White Ranger until episode 5 Yes is still a narcissist and likes to call upon the Yin Yang powers since he is light and Shadow fears losing everyone he holds dear Friends with Adam and Zack they all Share the Same Masadon Power Adam Park age 30- Black Masadon Ranger/Black Frog Ranger/Green Zeo Ranger/Green Turbo Ranger/Green Dragon Ranger/Gold Badger Ranger- He is just the same except now he has contact with the original Black Ranger Zack Fears Losing a fight he is friends with Steven and Zack and now he can access Tommy's Green Ranger Powers Zack Taylor age 30-Black Masadon Ranger/Silver Wolf Ranger- he is the same too but now has returned to check out the ranger newbies he is Friends with Adam and Steven fears being ridiculed for his dance skills Tommy Oliver age 37-Green Dragon Ranger/White Tiger Ranger/White Falcon Ranger/Red Zeo Ranger/Red Turbo Ranger/Black Brachio Ranger/Omega Falcon Ranger- Also the same but is in town on business until Steven informs him about huge villain problems then he moves back to Angel Grove to help teach this Generation of Rangers Fears dying Raven age 21-Purple Raven Ranger- she is Steven's new girlfriend she was a teen titan but Robin thought best that she become a power ranger she is still the same except she's a little happier since she started dating Steven and no She doesn't need to talk to use her powers can't spell her power words anyway Starfire age unknown Orange Phoenix Ranger – She has the hots for Steven its so bad she became his stalker kind of like that chick from obsessed.Justin (J man) Smith age 16-Brown Tiger Ranger- He is a friend of Stevens who moves to Angel Grove to Hang out with him his curiosity lead him to discover the Brown Tiger coin which used to belong to Zordon's best Friend."Starships" rapper Nicki Minaj says she's never had plastic surgery -- on her face, that is.