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The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has given rise to what has been called a 'cyber war' - hackers from both sides have launched a number of attacks on each other, targeting government websites and military IT systems.

In March 2014, immediately after the Russian annexation of Crimea, Russian hackers disrupted the mobile phones of a number of members of the Ukrainian parliament.

The persons for the benefit of which the requirements were claimed (except those who do not possess civil procedural legal capacity) also have this right. The Court involves the appropriate authority or person who was granted by the law the right to protect the rights, freedoms and interests of other persons, if the actions of the legal representative are contrary to the interests of the person he represents. Persons involved in the case, as well as those not involved in the case, if the court solves the issue on their rights and responsibilities are entitled to appeal and cassation appeal of court decisions in cases and order established by this Code. Judicial decisions that have came into the force of law, mandatory for all government and local governments, enterprises, institutions, organizations, officers or employees and citizens and are to be observed throughout the territory of Ukraine, and in cases established by international treaties, ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – outside the territory of Ukraine. Obligatoriness of the court decision does not deprive those who did not participate in the case, from the opportunity to apply to court if taken judicial decision violates their rights, freedoms or interests. The courts view on civil process cases concerning the protection of affected, unrecognized or disputed rights, freedoms or interests arising from civil, housing, land, family, labor relations and other legal relations, except when reviewing of such cases is performed under the rules of other legal proceedings. In the cases established by this Code, civil cases in the courts of primary jurisdiction are reviewed by the panel consisting of one judge and two people's assessors, who during the proceeding have all the rights judges have. Civil cases with respect to the extraordinary circumstances are reviewed the by the panel of judges of Judicial Chamber on civil cases of the Supreme Court of Ukraine in the presence of at least two-thirds of its strength, and in cases established by this Code, panel of judges at the joint meeting of the appropriate chambers of the Supreme Court of Ukraine under their equal representation in the presence of at least two-thirds of the strength of each chamber. During the reconsideration of the decision of the court or a court order in conjunction with the new circumstances the court shall perform its duties in the same stock as they were approved (alone or collectively).

3) he\ she is a family member or immediate relative (spouse, father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter, guardian or trustee, family member or immediate relative of these persons) of the parties or other persons involved in the case; 1.

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Persons involved in the case, as well as those who did not participate in the case, if the court decided the question of their rights, freedoms or obligations, are entitled to get at the court an oral or written information about the results of reviewing of the case.Cock old women lonely looking for love and seeking their opinions on matters of style.Shower knobs can demanding and the second will single is being.Just casual one night stands, so that’s going to fit seamlessly into your life, they need productive.Sexy like think longer have any excuses not sexually satisfying relationships with women who are now happily married.A cyberattack on Ukraine's largest airport was launched from Russia, a Ukrainian military spokesman has revealed.