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All latest news, releases, happenings world Analog X Use Explorer Very 90 s very funny watch better kids (bik) website provides central point access general public wider stakeholders information, guidance resources on.My PS3 for some unknown reason is dying after 77% when I try to update it with an error code. If you have a smartphone, you can use it's internal memory as a flash drive, just copy the update onto it, plug it into the PS3, and mount the internal phone memory when prompted like you would if you hooked it up to your computer. I want to do it in some quirky way to prove some point that only I care about, olol. My resources are: A laptop A USB connector A 1GB SD card An ethernet cable A jailbroken i Phone I need to update my Playstation 3 through removable media, obviously. (FAT32 is the only type of removable storage media that a PS3 can so much as acknowledge its existence). Hooking up your PS3 to your laptop will not work as the PS3 will detect the laptop as a device, and the laptop will detect the PS3 as a device. Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated!I would say it's possible if the devs have the DL available for download on the website.However, my internet's being a bit fuzzy today and there was an update/patch for the game that I needed to download, problem is, it stopped at 26%, said there was an error downloading and got the error code 80710723...